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Cultural Competency with Multicultural BRIDGE

  • 12 Nov 2020
  • 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM


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How does art re-imagine freedom while shattering the myths of history? Artists and scholars take up this question with a look at how we address history, envision liberty/liberation, tell Black stories, and invoke change through visual and performing arts. This session will feature recordings from BRIDGE's social justice conference this past week, with opportunities to discuss the ideas presented. For more information on the conference, check out these articles

Dr. Nanci Wellington Bookhart (Paine College) focuses her research on art’s ability to reformulate humanity as a community of equals in the beautiful object. Drawing on Friedrich Schiller’s “Sixth Letter” in On the Aesthetic Education of Man and Jacques Ranciere’s theory of the distribution of the sensible and the regimes of art, Dr. Wellington Bookhart proposes the reconstitution of historical fragments through art, or more properly, aesthetics.

Performing artists Dawn Meredith Simmons (Front Porch Arts Collective and Stage Source) & Pascale Danice Florestal (Front Porch Arts Collective) prioritize Black stories being told through theatre arts in their work through the Front Porch Arts Collective in Boston.

Berkshire-based artist Pops Peterson debuted Reinventing Rockwell, a series of artworks reimagining mid-century illustrations by Norman Rockwell in a manner reflective of today’s times. Celebrating America’s rich diversity and embracing Rockwell’s sense of humanity, Peterson has created images that envision social change and express his desire for a positive, inclusive, and just world. These works are a major feature in the current "imagining Freedom" exhibition at The Norman Rockwell Museum.

Lyricist and producer Jackson Whalan raps and freestyles with intelligent lyricism and makes beats with influences of 90s boom bap hip-hop, jazz, electronic, and pop music, to invoke positive societal change.

Future sessions with Multicultural BRIDGE (schedule subject to change)

December 10 at 3pm EST 

Founded in 2007, Multicultural BRIDGE is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing equity and justice by promoting cultural competence, positive psychology, and mutual understanding and acceptance. The organization acts as a catalyst for change through collaboration, education, training, dialogue, fellowship and advocacy.

Gwendolyn VanSant is a trainer & facilitator in diversity leadership, cultural competence and coalition building for justice and equity. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founding Director of Multicultural BRIDGE and contributes to several teams across the region to promote safety, equity and trust in communities and workplaces. Gwendolyn has worked with corporations, schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement, hospitals, teaching and leadership institutes, and more.  In addition to designing cultural competence trainings, Gwendolyn is a frequent speaker and long-time activist deeply rooted in gender equity and positive psychology.

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